Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Have The Power to Make Me Happy!

Posted in my office is this saying:

Let me tell you the story where I saw this saying.

I was picking up some supplies at a local pharmacy near my house one day and saw this sign posted next to the check out till. It was located in the Peoples Pharmacy (12005 - 208B Street, in Maple Ridge BC) and Sayed Atthari is the manager of the store.
Every time I have entered Sayed's store I'm treated with a great big smile and he has a way of making me and all his customers feel special - just like a friend. Old fashioned hospitality is how I can best describe it. He is just a truly happy guy.
While paying for my purchase I commented on the sign and how I could really relate. Sayed did something next that blew me away - he reached below the counter and pulled out a printed copy of the saying and handed it to me. He said he gets comments on the sign all the time so he decided to make copies and "spread the good words".
Thank you Sayed, I read that saying now almost every day and have spread copies to many other people I know. Your small sign has made a huge positive ripple in the world.