Friday, July 8, 2011

New to the clan at Costless Express

We have been growing like weeds at Costless Express, and with growth comes new people.

Today was an awesome day as I walked around the office.

First I ran into Lucas, a new addition to our warehouse team. I asked him how things were going and he said "I'm Happy". What a great answer. He said he loved being able to jump in and make a difference using his skills immediately. He said the things he as doing at Costless in his job would have taken years to move up to in responsibility at his last job at a large company.

It's is also a special day because we hired our first ever VP of Finance - Nabil. This high level position will allow us to expand and manage growth at an even faster pace. Nabil comes with a long list of successes in our area of business.

In searching for Nabil, we focused first on a culture fit - looks like Nabil fits right in.

Also watch a video of our management team breaking the news that Nabil got the job.

We have have several more new people that are new to the Costless family and I'll write a second blog post soon.