Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Happy Hour, and Buh-Bye Grand and Toy.

Tonight is HAPPY HOUR for all the staff at the pub!

Reasons to celebrate include new staff additions Shawn, Hailey, Alysha, Lucas and Nabil.

Oh, and celebration that we stole a nice, six-figure-per-year-in-sales customer away from Grand & Toy!

Grand and Toy is owned by an American company, OfficeMax, so we don't feel as bad as if it was a Canadian company. Seems we have been picking up lots of new customers that were once G&T customers, and the main reason why they tell us is service. With the announcement yesterday that G&T let go 100 small business account managers, I only see the service getting worse. I'm not sure what their long term plans are for Small Business customers, without any account managers to support them.

Here is an interesting article about the G&T retail stores: Von Hahn: Image is everything, so Grand & Toy sells nothing

If you want to hear what the Grand & Toy employees are talking about their company:

All good news for Costless Express - thanks so much to our awesome customers!