Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm sure we can beat that Office Depot Price on Paper ;-)

Here is a screenshot a customer shared with us about copy paper being sold at

Save a negative 47% off the list price. Hummmmm, not such a great deal.
The great news is Costless Express sells paper at about half that price.
Tell you what, for reading my blog - I'll sell you a box of paper for $24.99! Add #273199 - 8.5x11 white 92 brite paper with your order when you call in and tell your account manager you saw "Calvin's Corner Paper Deal". Let's run the offer as one box per order till July 22, 2011.

Thanks so much for buying local, and keeping your money here in our community. Did you know 70% of all dollars spent with the American-owned big box retailers like Office Depot leave our community?