Monday, January 17, 2011

Where do good ideas come from?

Over the past 11 months, I have been involved in a side project along with my regular duties as CEO at Costless Express.

This other project (yet to be released) is being built with an assembly of seasoned entrepreneurs. When we are together "brainstorming," the meetings can become electric with innovation and ideas. We lose ourselves chattering about one idea to the next, and most often get so sidetracked from where we started that we don't accomplish much, if anything at all.

Or Do We?

Where do great ideas really come from? And what are the circumstances and the environment to make the "ah ha" moments happen?

If I were writing my thesis in university - this would have been a perfect topic. But since I wasn't, I wanted to see if someone else had done the research. Sure enough, I came across Steven Johnson (yes, this is my brother's name, but it's not him). His research and speech are full of interesting ideas and stories. How was GPS created, and why were coffee houses so important over the past 600 years?

Have a look at these two videos when you have a few minutes. 

This one is 4:07 long and gets you involved in the question - "Where Do Good Ideas Come From"? 

This Video is a bit more of a commitment at 17:46 minutes and is Steve Johnson's TED Talk.