Thursday, January 6, 2011

Design your success plan for 2011

Have you created your 90-day micro strategy for 2011? If not, access these tools to design your success plan for 2011.

Courtesy of my good friends over at CultureSync - the authors of the book Tribal Leadership. Click here to get your free audio copy of the book.
If you have created a micro strategy or are wondering what a micro strategy is, then let's review:

1. Did you clear the cobwebs from your mind? Are you now focused and committed to a great outcome about 90 days out? Great!

2. Did you identify an abundance of resources that will enable you you to achieve it within that time? Great!

3. Did you identify all the key behaviors that must be be completed to deliver that outcome? Great!

Sounds like you have an "unlocked strategy" and are ready for action.
There is now only one thing left to do...

Execute the behaviors on your strategy until your outcome is achieved.
That is it. Period.
One of the primary reasons people don't complete their strategy is that they have fallen into one of their habitual pitfalls, rather than doing the required actions. These are the areas where you " drift ."
There are certain behaviors that support effective leadership, falling into a pitfall is not one of them.

Enjoy the tools and create your 90-day micro strategy.