Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Remarkable Video

Here is a remarkable story I wanted to share.
Have a look at this video and it will tell part of the story.

The other side of this story is the unbelievable power of the internet. This video was uploaded 2 days ago and this morning (Jan 5) it was at 4 million views.

Now it's 2:30pm (Jan 5) it's over 6.2 million views and growing. That's remarkable!

Do you think this fellow knows how many people have seen him today? And just a few days ago possibly he rang in the new year with a wish to have a fresh start for 2011.

I don't know, but fate has sure served him a big serving of luck. I like to think this will change his life forever but let's see.

I'm going to try and follow this story for a while and track what happens to him over the following weeks.

What do you think will happen to him?

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Another question - have you ever stopped to talk to a homeless person? It could be amazing to hear their story. 6.2 million people seem to think this fellow has one.

Check out these incredible stats after only 2 days.