Monday, October 11, 2010

Here Comes The Milkman

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Weekend.
I stopped into the office early on the holiday Monday since I will be away in San Francisco all week for a visit to Cisco Systems. I'll write about that adventure later this week.

Funny how I just wrote about the Coke truck in my last post, and here was another truck delivering to us at the crack of dawn with our milk. Here was Island Farms droping off several pallets of milk for deliveries that will be picked tonight and delivered tomorrow. I usually don't see the trucks delivering, so I was amazed at how much milk we sell every day. This truck is here every morning with our order religiously.

It is so interesting to me when I see our whole organization, and all the working people and parts that make up the services we offer our customers. It makes me appreciate other services just a bit more. Like say, an aircraft flight - I can't imagine what goes into getting all the parts in order behind the scenes, so we can stroll up and stick our behinds in the seats.