Monday, August 16, 2010

The Switch

At Costless Express we just finished our year end. So August is a fun time for us here in the company as we set new goals for budgets, capital investments and the best part - our Marketing Calendar.

Our Marketing Committee spent no time adding on some new and exciting marketing initiatives for this upcoming year, including VIP Movie Premiere Nights for selected releases during the year.

Today we gave away exclusive red carpet premiere passes to the movie The Switch starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Have a look - it's a great movie from what we hear.

Our customer feedback was incredible, and I have special thanks to our marketing committee for chasing down such a cool idea and our close friends at Maple Pictures and Lions Gate Films for making this an ongoing promotion. We plan to have several VIP Premiere events thru out the year.

At Costless Express we supply many of the production houses in town and have made many friends in the Vancouver film community. It's been a soft few years compared to the booming times of the past (investment revenue was said to exceed one billion per year) but I'm happy to say that film business is on the rise again and we expect to see significant investment in the Lower Mainland in this category.