Thursday, August 19, 2010

Junior Mints!

Tonight we received an emergency call from our long time friends at the Queen E Theatre. The call was a desperate cry for ... JUNIOR MINTS!

Yes, Junior Mints. You see, Jerry Seinfeld was in town for his concerts at the QE and there was a mad rush on Junior Mints by fans of the hit TV show (Episode 60).
I have been a big Seinfeld fan when the show was on, but recently I haven't sat thru any syndicated repeat shows. But for this post, I wanted to do a quick research on the Junior Mints episode, and I found myself immersed back into the show. There is so much cool stuff at your fingertips online now about Jerry and the show. It's amazing how the internet has made everything so accessible.
Here are a few cool links:
The Junior Mints portion of Episode 60
How about the original script from Episode 60?
The Wikipedia page for the show!
Only in real life --  A sexual harassment suit just for discussing the episode:
A conversation in Milwaukee the day after the episode aired led to a lawsuit in which jurors awarded Jerold J. Mackenzie $26.6 million on July 15, 1997. Mackenzie was terminated by Miller Brewing Co. on the basis that discussing the episode with his secretary constituted sexual harassment. Later, however, the lawsuit was overturned by the court of appeals, and this ruling was upheld by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.
May 6th, 1981 - Jerry's first TV appearance on Johnny Carson