Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stop Using Staples!

You place a stapler over a pile of paper that needs to be stapled, and as soon as you press on the stapler, nothing comes out. While you were expecting to organize your document, you have to abort your plan because you just ran out of staples.
Introducing the stapler that does not use staples. This invention has been around a quite some time, but not a lot of people understand the magic behind this.
There a few models of stapleless staplers out in the market nowadays, but this model in particular punches a whole onto your stack of paper, it then folds and unlike most models out there, nicely tucks the flap into the paper itself. Smart, huh? Although the trick is pretty nifty, it works only on a stack of 5 to 7 pieces of paper, but again, if you have a stack of uncountable amount of paper that you want to bind together, you might as well use a 3-ring binder or use a hot glue gun to make a book out of it, right?