Thursday, February 26, 2009

The New 2009 Costless Express Catalogue!

Steve Martin in The JerkOne of my all time favourite movies - Steve Martin in The Jerk.
That's how we felt today when we FINALLY received our 2009 catalogues from the printers. We delayed printing the catalogue in December, because of all the price changes suppliers had waiting for January 2009. I decided it was best to hold production and have a more accurately priced catalogue.
I can easily say our 2009 catalogue is the best yet. Some quick highlights are:
  • Cool finger pointing cover!
  • Free Starbucks Gift Cards - Page A5
  • 2009 Costless Express CatalogueA welcome letter from me - Page A6 (My kids' eyes almost popped out seeing me in the catalogue: "You're famous, Daddy!")
  • Lots of Eco Products - See Page A7
  • New Toner Club saves you 20% off copy paper - Page A8
  • New super low water prices - Page A21
  • New Keurig and Flavia Coffee Machines - Pages A22-A23
  • Seattle's Best and Ethical Bean Coffee! - Pages A26-A27
  • All Island Farms Dairy ("So long!" to our last unreliable dairy supplier) - Page A40
  • FRUIT EXPRESS check it out - Page A45
  • Two Bite Party Trays and muffins - YUM! - Pages A47, A48, A69
  • Wally Biscotti - to die for! - Page A67
  • Big Bags of Chips - you asked for it. - Pages A72-A76
  • Bulk Candy - another request - Page A79
  • Recycled Paper products at new lower prices - Pages A86 - A92
  • Cups and Cutlery made out of PLANTS! - Pages A92 + A95
  • Lots of new Eco Cleaning Products - Pages A102-A111
  • Thousands of Recycled Office Supplies - all pages
  • Super Low Prices on House Brand SPARCO office supplies - all pages
  • Our largest selection of writing instruments ever - pages 749-834
  • Super low prices on Recycled Toners "Elite" House Brand - Pages 855-856
You will automatically get a new Costless Express 2009 catalogue for free on your next order. We also have our drivers delivering them as fast as possible. If you just can't wait, like Steve Martin, then give us a shout, and we will hand deliver one to you ASAP.