Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google Earth

When you're first introduced to Google Earth, as my mom recently was, it can become an obsession to find your home, the home you grew up in, your best friend's place and the Beijing Olympic Stadium among other hot spots.

The Using Google Earth blog has a myriad of ways to trick out your Google Earth experience for die-hards. Find planets, track your flight paths, view historical mapsgeotag your iPhone photos.

With plain old Google Maps, you can do some fancy things too, like making a collaborative map for your cycling, hiking, driving or jogging buddies to share.

Keep up with Google Earth tips on the blog and with GE's own user guide.

To be in perennially in the know about all things Google, download its Tip of the Day gadget

And just for fun, there's always "The Googling" webisodes to watch.

What did we do BG? (Before Google)?