Monday, October 13, 2008

Commanding Officer Blomme

Atennn Hut!

Wendy receives her medalAt Costless we have a real life Commanding Officer working in our midst. Her title in the office is Wendy the accounts receivable queen, but outside our doors she is known by the troops as Commanding Officer Blomme.

Wendy recently was awarded a medal for an astonishing 22 years of military service. Here in the picture is a handsome devil presenting Wendy her award - that is her husband! He too has lots of shiny things on his chest but this is all about Wendy.

Wendy joined the forces back when she resided in Whitehorse, Yukon. (That's why she volunteered to shovel snow last year - see Calvin's Corner January 30th, 2008)

She was then posted in Manitoba for 3 years, moved to BC in 1987 and met her husband in the military. She raised 2 darling girls over the years, worked full time and managed to offer her time and experience to training young cadets. She is currently the Commanding Officer in New Westminster.

Wendy and I get along great. I have her assigned to my most important research - order accuracy.

One of her duties at Costless is to track every single order/customer experience error. We call it a WAGU - aka "when an order goes wrong" (I'm still not sure how we got WAGU out of that but it seems to have stuck with us). She tracks each WAGU with military diligence, identifying the problem, documenting the solution, recording the data and God forbid - calling out the offender if it was human error.

Great job Wendy on your medal and job performance!