Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Costless ToGo

Some of you who know the history of Costless Express will know I actually started the company delivering furniture and appliances for Costco Wholesale. After ten years and 30,000 home deliveries later, I turned Costless Express into the Internet and Catalogue retailer we are today.

We actually stopped delivering Costco furniture for several years, until recently, when we were approached to start back up the program for their new downtown warehouse. I decided it was best to keep the new service separate from our current business model, so a new company — Costless ToGo — was created. A sign was placed in the warehouse ,and brochures were printed and voilà, we were back in the home delivery business.

This week we have added 4 more warehouses onto the service, and Costco has been very pleased with the results. They are a sharp organization and see where the service has benefited their sales. Members spend more in store when there is a way to have large items delivered. Even when there is a fee, members know they are still saving over shopping at another store.

Costless ToGo will deliver over $2,700,000 in merchandise this year in the Lower Mainland, sales that Costco may have missed out on if there were no delivery service.

I want to pay a big thank you to Vicky Johnson, our inside Costless ToGo manager, and Tal, our newest Home Delivery Driver.

Great Job!!