Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Christmas Get-Together

Last Saturday my wife Sandy and I hosted our staff at our home. At Costless Express we have our main Christmas Party in February once all the holiday hub bub dies down. So this was a chance for staff and families to gather and meet in a informal setting. It was great to have a chance to reconnect with what I call "our support group".

You see, the families of our staff are just as important to our continued success as our staff themselves. They too make sacrifices - like when our designer Erin pulled a 20 hour all nighter to meet our 2008 catalogue deadline -there was Dave to support her, make her a bath and whip up some breakfast. Or Darrin our controller when he travels for business - there's his wife Sharon to step in and care for both of their children 24/7. Or Alecia who stepped into cover a co worker on the night shift for two weeks. She works days and I know that is a tough transition for her and her family. RESPECT to all!!

We run 24 hours a day, so several of our staff are working untraditional hours and don't get the time to spend with their families as much as they might like. A BIG THANK YOU to all our staff and their families. You are all the best!

Our staff open house was a huge success with over 50 staff and families visiting and of course......eating!

Everyone is looking forward to our "Adult" Party in February. We have had some legendary ones in the past and I know this year will be no exception.

I must send a special thanks to Sandy and my boys for their support. I couldn't ask for a more supporting and loving family.