Friday, December 14, 2007

Saint Nick Visits Sport BC

Saint Nick presents the cheque!Last night was the annual Christmas gathering for Sport BC, the amateur sports association in British Columbia. KidSport is the charitable arm of Sport BC and a charity Costless Express has supported for years.

Last night I stopped in to present a donation from Costless Express to KidSport and was able to personally pass off our cheque to good old Saint Nick himself! The money donated will be used to assist underprivileged children play sports. All kids deserve a chance to play sports regardless of their economic situation, and KidSport assists with paying dues, travel costs and equipment.

Assisting children in making sports accessible is very near and dear to my heart. As a child in a single parent home, we didn’t have much money growing up. I played goal in Port Moody hockey for 8 years because the equipment was supplied at no cost for goalies. Being able to play hockey was paramount in my development as a child. I learned discipline, teamwork, competitiveness and how to lose gracefully and still feel good about myself. I loved Hockey! They are still some of my best memories as a child.

Sports are as important as academics in my opinion during a child’s early school years. It gives a sense of belonging and pushes children to build character that will define them in their future. Sports also keep children too busy to get into trouble. “Idle hands are the work of the Devil,” my mother says.

Great work Sport BC and KidSport!
From all of us at Costless Express, Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2008.