Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zappos new offices.

I haven't been back to visit Zappos since they were bought by Amazon a few years ago  and moved to their new offices in the old Vegas City Hall building. 
If you are in Vegas I highly suggest taking the free Zappos tour by calling them up. They will come pick you up from your hotel in a chauffeured Zappos car and drop you off after - all no charge. 
Zappos move from the industrial park setting in Henderson just outside Vegas to their new offices right in the heart of the city is another step to build an amazing culture. Although I can see the benefits of having the over 1000 staff in one office tower, it feels like something was lost in the excitement and energy of the old layout. 
Possibly it will just take some time to get settled and moved in ...... Possibly. But it also feels a bit more corporate and that is probably due to an Amazon influence. Still the tour was great and all the usual awesome Zappos stuff was present and accounted for like the VIP chair, the library, cool kitchens and decorations but I did miss anywhere I could write a comment on the wall with my trusty black sharpie.