Sunday, June 8, 2014

Future Calvin

I'm in Vegas for a few days at the Sage Summit, a conference for our new ERP software ( the software that does our accounting and inventory management). 

There have been a few interesting speakers so far - Jessica Alba and Magic Johnson to name a few. Most impactful though was Biz Stone co-founder of Twitter who told his story about how twitter started as a small project and was swept up by users to become something nobody ever imagined it could be. 

Biz shared that he was an eternal optomist and whenever he found himself confronted by big issues, decisions and problems he would ask himself " what would future Biz do in the situation" or "Ill just leave that for future Biz to figure out". Because Biz believed he had an alter ego that would be smarter and wiser in the future he didn't worry about solving today's problems. He just marched on knowing Future Biz could solve it. 
And amazingly Biz shared, his concept has worked out well in allowing him to move quickly today and also to set himself up for what he needed to learn for the future. 

An amazing lesson that I have already used. 
I hope future calvin is ready.