Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Lykkiplex

If we didn't have enough on our plate at Lykki with the new software systems - we are also building new offices.

Here's is a sneak peek at the new Lykkiplex we plan to occupy by June if all goes to plan. The vision is to create an amazing and inspiring work space that is a collection of ideas and designs from cool offices we have visited over the years. Our vision is to turn the offices into a tropical setting - something like memories of past holidays and future dreams of sunny places yet traveled. I think it will be so inspiring a space that each day we will all want to work hard to realize our goals of traveling and relaxing under Palm trees and the warm Caribbean sun........ Toes in the sand.......laying in a hammock......the breeze..... A cold beer........Whoa, I think I was day dreaming for a second there.

At Lykki we have come to understand that our work environment is so important to overall happiness and well being. It only makes sense since you spend more time in the office than probably any other room in your life except your bedroom. I'm excited to see this project completed as I have spearheaded the concept and design and invested hundreds of hours to date. My home office wall has turned into a patch work of swatches and clippings to give us ideas. I hope everyone loves it.
Construction started this week!
I'll post more as the project progresses.