Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quarterly Theme - Customer Happiness

Each quarter at Lykki we have a theme to focus on in improving the business and culture. This quarter we thought our theme should be around Customer Happiness. Although it seems obvious that every day is a focus on customer happiness, we wanted to dive deep into each process and system at Lykki that touched our customers. We call them our Moments Of Truth or MOT's.
MOT's like the picture here is a step by step process of how we want the customer experience to be each and every time. Consistency is key!!

This quarter we wanted to re- document each process and look for additional WOW moments like credits and returns. How about offering one year to return something? Or when an item is returned, we promise to credit the customer in 24 hours? 
These are a few processes we have implemented in the past so each time we do this exercise it gets increasingly more challenging to out do ourselves. But that's the fun!