Saturday, December 28, 2013

Taking one for the team at the Christmas Party

So, there I was dressed as a snowflake dancing on stage in front of a few hundred people including all our Lykki Partners.

This year we held our Christmas party again at the Giggle Dam dinner theatre. It's the perfect party location, and our partners love it since they call on members of the audience to come on stage and become comic relief for the show. It can be quite hilarious. 

The theme was a 50's style Christmas and there was a rumor I was going to be called on stage at some point. So I thought I was going to be quite clever and time a washroom break when I thought the next skit would be. This way if they were looking for me - oh well, they would need to pick on someone else.

Bingo, I nailed the timing as I heard my name called as I was in the washroom. Then I heard over the loudspeakers the performers on stage saying "What, ...where is he.... Oh, he's in the bathroom??  ...Hey Calvin, we need you on stage ...and we hear you are in the bathroom!"

"... Don't worry, we are coming to get you..."

At this point a few female performers grab microphones and run off stage and to the men's room door.  Inside I'm panicking and trying to wash my hands as fast as possible while other guys in the bathroom are looking at me with the kind of look that says "Thank God it's not me, dude."

I open the bathroom door and this girl performer grabs me and pulls me thru the theatre and up on stage - spotlight on us the whole time. Mortifying - yes, but also I could see our Lykki partners whooping it up and laughing at the whole ordeal. 

The ensuing antics in stage were caught by one of our partners in the front row.
It was great to show a little self deprecating humor and my snowflake dance earned me a shooter. So all was good!