Monday, December 9, 2013

Let it Show, let it Show, let it Show.

Each holiday season at Lykki we decorate the offices. Last year the big hit was cardboard Christmas trees. This year we have a few new partners that Love decorating for all occasions so I have a feeling we will see our decorating budget maxed out. 

Whenever I tour a business, it is usually quite clear the type of company culture present by just looking at the personalization of the offices. A fun and engaging culture will exude decorations, posters, games and toys. I have even seen one company with a Nerf "war room" filled with everything needed for the weekly Friday Nerf Battle!

What ever it is and how ever it's done, I think as long as the decorating and fun is being driven by the employees then that's great. At Lykki we have a decoration and costume budget and encourage our Partners to have some fun in the work place. 

I'm traveling the first two weeks of December so I'm excited to see how Lykki HQ looks when I return.  Here are a few pictures so far I was able to grab off our Facebook page.