Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eco Afternoons


This summer Lykki is again booked into several Eco Fairs.

What is an Eco Fair you may ask?
It's an event held usually in the lobby or breeze way of an office tower downtown. Several non competing businesses set up booths and present their services and products. The catch is they all need to be very environmentally committed in what they offer.

Lykki is representing the Office Supplies Category while other companies like Zip Car and HSR Happy Stan's Recycling did their part also.
This year we had a very popular booth by creating a game show type environment with our "PAPER CHALLENGE". How it works is we have three stacks of copy paper for contestants to look touch and feel( some even sniff and chew the paper!!). To win a prize the contestant needs to correctly identify what stack is Virgin Paper, 100% Recycled Paper and Sugar Cane Paper.
It was amazing to see how hard it is for the general public to differentiate the types of paper whith over 80% of people not able to get all 3 correct in the first try.

Only a few years ago recycled or alternate source paper looked quite different from the bright white virgin sheets we were accustomed to using in our offices everyday. Well, all that has changed when you look at the three papers we had in our Paper Challenge. They were indistinguishable between each other, even when you tried to tast e them looking for the sugar cane sheet - and people tried :-))

Keep an eye on our Lykki Facebook page for our next Eco Fair and come try the Paper Challenge for yourself.