Friday, June 28, 2013

Party On Lykki!

This week, Sandy, Heather, and I attended an industry conference from one of our office products suppliers.
It was held in Orlando this year - so it was a must attend event.
Highlights are always the speakers, trades show and closing night entertainment. This year was exceptional.
indexFor speakers we had many, but Captain Sully, the airline pilot who ditched his plane in the Hudson River, saving all his passengers, was a highlight. His story was all about "we" not "me" in that he said he is no hero. It was thousands of hours of training, systems and teamwork. Something we preach at Lykki daily. Watch his Story:
The tradeshow gives us an opportunity to see new trends in office productivity. This year there seems to be innovation in office furniture that is very portable, detachable and easy to move about to create collaborative environments. Also in furniture is cool unique design and bright colors. Check out these egg shaped seats - they are actually super comfortable and great for posture and core strength.
Last but not least we had Jeff Foxworthy as the closing entertainment. In past years there has been the likes of Bill Cosby, Jay Leno, ZZTop and LoneStar. Jeff was hilarious and his family style humor hit a chord with the 3000 attendees who constantly erupted in laughter.
Wait, one more surprise was during the opening party - there was a fantastic cover band playing on stage and when they broke into the sone "Don't stop believing" by the band Journey, the lead singer of Journey Steve Perry came on stage to sing the song. The dance floor went crazy.
Next year the event is in Nashville so I'm sure it will be just as great. Can't wait to bring some Lykki Partners with me.