Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tales from the road


First let me introduce you to Farhad, our newest delivery driver. We are super excited to have him join the LYKKI team. Farhad was recommended to us from one of our most famous drivers, Moe.

Within the first week delivering orders for LYKKI, Farhad showed his superstar qualities by helping a customer fix their printer. What happened was, while Farhad was making a delivery, the customer asked to have a toner sent back for a credit. Farhad instead asked what the problem was (the customer could not get it to fit in her machine) and helped the customer install the cartridge in her machine.

Why this is so spectacular is that Farhad has never delivered office supplies before yet he rolled up his customer service sleeves and found a way to help the customer on the spot! That is spectacular service from the heart and we are so glad he is part of the Lykki team!

 Cheers and welcome Farhad.