Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't eat our paper!

Today we are launching a new copy paper that is 100% Tree Free. That's right; No wood pulp, no trees, no recycled paper - nothing. This paper is made from sugar cane.

We have been testing several brands of Tree Free paper for 9 months and have chosen the Canefields brand Cane Paper as our house brand 100% Tree Free Paper.

I'm excited about where the paper industry is going with new innovation. It parallels the innovation happening in the automotive industry with electric vehicles. Once the performance and price are similar, people will pick the eco-friendly alternative. Please try a box of our Cane paper and if you are not totally satisfied, email me at calvin@lykki.com and I'll personally see you are credited every penny and $5.00 more for your troubles.

Click here to order a box from our snazzy website.