Friday, January 18, 2013

CEO Birthday Lunch

Time for another CEO Birthday Lunch - this time with our November, December and January staff babies.

I've written about this lunch tradition several times in past blogs, and once again it was a blast to hang out and get to know more about some of our staff over lunch. I know it's fun activities like these that keep our LYKKI culture strong.

After lunch, off we all went to the Casino with some cash as a gift from "Uncle Calvin."  Here is a picture of Nabil our VP of Finance who lost all his cash, all except one cent. Right after this picture was taken, we cashed out his voucher at a machine and it spit out a nickel!! Nabil and I started laughing and high fiving like only executive finance geeks would as we saw the nickel clink into the tray of the machine. One cent in and five cents out!!! We felt like winners.