Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Culture Club strikes again

Let me stand up here and give a round of applause to our Culture Club. Staff who volunteer their time to put on cool and fun events for our company. Kudos for all your hard work!!

The Culture Club recently posted an upcoming event at WildPlay September 29th, and just finished pulling off an awesome Panini Party in the Parking Lot. Last few months included Italian Soda Days, Driver Appreciation Pancake Breakfast and pizza days.

The Panini Party in the Parking Lot was in appreciation of our Purchasing department, who work so hard to keep our warehouse stocked to the brim with all the great stuff we sell everyday. The purchasing department was also decorated and the gals were given tiaras to wear. I loved the selection of meats, cheeses and other fabulous ingredients ready to make paninis. The Culture Club keeps out doing itself with unique events and everyone can't wait for the next one - WildPlay!!