Monday, May 14, 2012

Who Knew LULU?

At Costless we are driven to build the best corporate culture. Another company with killer corporate culture is Lululemon and I wanted to learn as much about their early days when the company was small. How did they build such an incredible culture from day one.

After a few calls from people I knew that were friends with Chip Wilson the founder, I was introduced to one of the first 20 employees. He preferred not to have his comments in print or recorded, but he was generous and spent an hour walking us thru the exciting early days at Lululemon.

If there was just one thing that resonated with us as he told story after story was that it was an evolution, organic and in scripted. Having the right people who were passionate about the dream and had the right values is what created the culture and Chip was at the center of that.

I left the call knowing we were on the right path to building as great a culture as Lululemon - or possibly better now that we know where they made mistakes.

Cheers and always learning