Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Relaxing at the lake house

For the next three days our VP's and I are hunkered down out at our Cultus Lake house to hold our quarterly retreat.
Along with the usual strategic planning, we are preparing for our first meeting in May with "Coach Ron," our new business coach. Having a business coach is like a pro golfer having a swing coach. They are not there to tell you how to hit the ball, but they could help to correct and make small adjustments that can send the ball that much farther. As Costless continues to grow, we feel every small adjustment can pay big dividends later. Ron has helped hundreds of companies and came highly recommended from my friend Ken Sims, the founder of Nurse Next Door.
Outside of the hard work and exhausting days of mind melting 14 hour strategy sessions, we sometimes have time to break for ordered-in pizza. What we were just laughing about is how the remaining Costless team who stay back at head office seem to think our "retreats" are actual relaxing retreats and not so much about work. We're going to try and squeeze in some relaxing things for this rainy April "retreat" like water slides, water skiing and sun tanning if we can pull off the time.
Nice to know our team thinks being an executive is all champagne and caviar. :-) I think we'll invite a few of our team next time.