Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Giving Back

Tonight is a night to give back.
Police Chief, Jim Chu, spoke at our “We Care” event tonight.
The Vancouver City Chief of Police heard about our efforts on this event and insisted on participating. He addressed the group about the challenges facing the Downtown East Side and how he leads his team in addressing the myriad of issues in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood.
We are carrying the torch of a great event EO alumni Nigel Bennett and entrepreneur coach Kevin Lawrence started 7 years ago, and are proud to be involved in the efforts by donating food, socks, candy and the use of one of our delivery trucks. Our staff and friends had a chance to get engaged with the community. Other EO members brought their staff, spouses and children to make a group of over 180 strong.
We headed to the streets as small groups to hand out specially prepared care packages. This was a chance to see how grateful a fellow human being can be for something as simple as a dry pair of socks, a holiday treat, spare clothes or even a plastic bag they can use to keep their few possessions dry.  This was a unique opportunity for our key staff to directly interact with the most challenged neighbourhood in Canada. We were not there to change lives but are hopeful to simply brighten a day during a difficult season for many in this community.
This year over 1500 packages where given out. A new record!
Unfortunately I was out of town and truly saddened I could not be a part of the event but thanks to other Costless staff, we really made our presence known. Thank you to Shawn, Todd, Nabil, Chris, Michelle, Cindy and others on our team. Merry Christmas!!