Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Pre-Party!

Check out a few videos from our Pre-Party here at Costless, before we took off later to our Christmas party.
We set up a open bar, food, prizes and played the game Minute To Win It.

I had a great time building all the challenges my self and playing MC for the event. The challenges were harder that they look on the internet, but we did have a few outstanding moments like Sandy balancing 3 golf balls in about 20 seconds and Terry blowing several of the Christmas cards perfectly while other teams had trouble getting one.

An interesting thing happened when we drew for some of the top prizes like Canuck Tickets, Front row Prince tickets, Helijet sightseeing flights and Pacific Coastal tickets. It was a random blind draw where the first place teams picked first - and the last team went last. You would think being the last team to pick - all the best prizes would be gone. BUT, when the last team came to pick and there were only 4 choices left, the top prizes were still available. What amazing odds!!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!