Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Welcome to Ladysmith!Now that we've landed in Nanaimo via Harbour Air, there's work to be done. Over the next few days, Sandy and I are meeting existing customers and visiting suppliers as we plan out our expansion to the Island. We have shipped to the Island for years, but I now feel there is a much larger opportunity to expand market share, since there is very little competition. I have watched a few competitors on the Island closely, and learned what makes the Island market different from the Mainland. On the mainland the competition is something fierce. Our Vancouver customers tell us they are inundated with sales people, faxes, emails, junk mail and the like constantly, while our Island business "focus groups" tell us they wish there were more choices.
One area we are experts in is Office Coffee Service. Our supplier KEURIG (the coffee machine supplier) was telling me he needed better representation on the Island and the market was wide open with only a water cooler company offering the Keurig system. So with our extensive coffee and office supply inventory, I think Costless can really win over some new Island customers. I'll keep you posted!