Thursday, June 25, 2009


Calgary!Expansion to the Island is not the only region for Costless Express. While Sandy and I are in Nanaimo, we got word of our very first Calgary customer!
Once we decided to expand our service for 2009, we had three areas to focus on and decided to expand in this order.
  • Calgary/Edmonton
  • Vancouver Island
  • BC Interior
The first two are under way, and we plan over the next year to really grow sales and win new customers with our unique product offering, fantastic service and low prices. I must say that our management team is really doing a great job with all the extra research and projects. It's quite an undertaking when you step outside your current operations. We are dealing with multi locations, unique suppliers and inventory challenges, tax codes, shipping rates, freight carriers, warehousing, website and (whew) many other issues. I'm sure many of you have been involved in big projects as you read this and can agree, "Just when you think you solved every possible issue, more pop up."
The best news is we are having fun and evolving the business.