Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Over the next three days, we will be adding an incredible piece of software called GoldMine. It's a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and will assist us in servicing our customers as individuals. GoldMine will help us track all the customers' needs, wants and requirements at a whole new level. Our sales people will be able to see hundreds of individual pieces of information, from what they are buying and notes from each time we talk to them - even when their birthday is. So watch out, we may just call you up and sing Happy Birthday to you if we find out your day!

Neil is the owner of a company called Longbow Consulting, and as part of our install we flew him up from Boston to train us and set up our processes. He said the next three days were going to be quite intense. I know our staff is excited and ready for the challenge. They even made a nice welcome card and basket of goodies and had it dropped off at his hotel for their arrival. Neil said that in the hundred or more installs he has attended, he has never received such hospitality! He said it really set the tone for what kind of company he was coming to train.

The software will take a few months to become fully functional, and I hope you see subtle changes in how you are serviced.

Great job staff!

Training didn't suck!
Update September 9th: In the picture, here is a group of our sales people at the end of our training, and Neil in the front holding a giant 10 pound sucker. Our gift to Neil to let him know "Training Didn't SUCK!"