Monday, August 4, 2008

2009 Calendars Are In!

Click here to read our 2008 Dated Goods flyer!In your orders over the next month or so you'll see our 2009 dated products flyer. Yes, 2009 calendars are ready to order!

In past years, we have printed our flyer and sent it out around the October time frame. But this year we moved up the date, because there is always limited supply from the manufacturers, and I wanted our customers to get an early start. By late November, all the 2009 supply will start running low, and by January 2009 the selection will be sold out. I know it's strange you can't order 2009 calendars in January 2009, but it seems suppliers just don't want to carry excess stock and possibly see it go out of date and then tossed in a land fill. (We hope they recycle!)

So have a look at our flyer online and get in your orders now (mark in in your calendar!), prices are discounted and selection is good.