Wednesday, March 12, 2008

EcoTrust Workshop

Calvin & Darrin show their handiworkYesterday Darrin and myself attended our first of three workshops hosted by EcoTrust Canada. The course is three months long, and we meet once each month to learn how to measure our carbon footprint and reduce our footprint.

Surprisingly, there were only 10 companies in the workshop. But in the end the smaller group worked well, as we all had tons of questions. The EcoTrust staff was well prepared, with a fast paced agenda, a catered lunch, and a guest speaker from the past workshop - King Pacific Lodge. We all rolled up our sleeves and immediately began drawing out our own company's "Emissions Scope Map". From there, we learned what Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions were, and what emissions were directly controllable by our company. As you see, we were not the greatest artists.

the Costless Express Emissions Scope MapWe left with homework on measuring our carbon emissions, and we are to collect the data and enter it into the EcoTrust calculator to determine the amount of tons of CO2 our company is emitting per year.

Over the next month we will look at our trucks, gas and electricity, and even how our staff commute to work. Darrin and I both felt the workshop was well done, and we look forward to the challenge of measuring our footprint.