Saturday, March 1, 2008

Christmas in March!

Time for our Staff Christmas Party!

Calvin at the Christmas Party

Today was a busy day, juggling the Green Living Show and our annual staff Christmas Party. We traditionally have our Christmas party in late February for a few reasons. First, we decided there are too many parties and people are too busy in December. Second, February does not have a stat holiday, and can be quite the dreary month. Finally, our suppliers usually are able to donate better prizes for our staff games in February. Most suppliers are flooded with prize requests at Christmas from their customers. Our staff loves the timing of our party and looks forward to it every year.

I wanted to tell you about our yearly "IRON MAN AWARDS" we have during the staff party. Here is how it works. Any staff member who does not call in sick once for the full year wins Ironman! The prize is a plaque and $100.00. Any staff who can make it two years in a row receive $200.00 and if they go three or more it jumps to $400!

I was pleased to hand out 5 Ironman Awards tonight. Two were for $400!

The party was full games with memorable prizes like helicopter flights, airline flights, golf bags, kitchen appliances, movie tickets and the always present golf balls and golf shirts.

Special thanks to our staff for juggling time between the Green Living Show and preparing the party. Well done and very memorable! All I can take credit for is paying the bill.