Friday, June 1, 2007

Raising Funds For Children's Hospital!

Our Every Spin Is A Win sign!Giving back to the community has always been important to Costless Express. The BC Children's Hospital is one charity our staff supports and it's easy to see why. Most of our staff has children, Sandy and I included. Our two boys (Alex, 1, and Aidan, 4) are blessed with good health, but having such a world class hospital as BC Children's puts us at ease.

Today, myself and our staff took over a corner of the Vancouver Art Gallery lawn and held a fund raiser for BC Children's Hospital.

It was a little windy during set-up... Hang on Darrin!We set up a tent and gave away everything from chips and chocolate bars to printers and microwaves. Our theme was to spin a prize wheel once you made a donation. "Every Spin's a Win!"

Our first spin was a fellow from Seattle and he donated $20, spun the wheel and won a cordless phone set!

The day was hot and sunny and our staff felt like they were on an episode of "The Apprentice." At times we stood on the sidewalk and sold chocolate bars to people in cars and passers-by. Our "squeaky" bicycle horns we all carried really caught people's attention.

Costless staff raising money for Children's HospitalIt turned out to be great fun for our staff and our overall fundraising exceeded $4000. Thanks to everyone for the support and donations.


Calvin Johnson