Wednesday, January 11, 2017

File holders - not just for files anymore

Use file folders to get a few things under control

Room 1: The Kitchen

You’ve already alphabetized the canned goods, anyways.
1. Apply adhesive stickers to all three corners of the file holder and stick it to the inside door of the cabinet under the sink.
Use this to hold onto cleaning supplies or kitchen tools you use frequently

2. Use clear or wire file holders to house veggies that will otherwise run away from you.

Better than keeping them in those awful crinkly bags you buy them in. This concept helps maximize shelf space by vertically stacking food that would otherwise just roll around and get squished.

3. Stack file folders sideways for added shelf space in the fridge and/or freezer.

Noticed how wonderfully categorized this freezer is with the frozen fruit is separated from the meat and leftovers.

Room 2: The Living Room

1. Turn a wooden file holder into a shelf by drilling it sideways into a corner wall.

Use your new makeshift shelves for magazines, remote controls, extra blankets, or knick knacks if you’re tight on space and want some custom storage space.