Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New York Breakfast WOW

Sometimes you stumble upon a place while traveling that is an "institution" in that city.
This morning I had a bit of extra time while in New York and decided to get out of the hotel and find a small neighborhood spot for breakfast ( love my breakfasts).
I came across a line up at 7:30 in the morning to a restaurant on a side street just off from Rockefeller Center and knew this was just what I was looking for. I was able to dodge the line up and sat at the counter in one single open seat. And that's when the magic began.
The counter bar was about 30 seats long and serviced by Carlos who seemed to have roller skates on since he was zipping up and down the line at a furious pace the entire time I was there. He had been working at the Evergreen Diner for 8 years (a junior by Evergreen standards) and was very efficient in his job. What was so special is although he looked busy he didn't "act" busy. He made you somehow feel like you were the only customer he had. You didn't wait or want for anything and he spent time asking you where I was from and even customizing my meal when I was undecided between two dishes ("I'll just make you a plate with a bit of both, OK?"). He seemed to have his customer service on radar on high because he knew exactly when to top up the coffee, bring you a water and the bill. A few seats down a girl dropped her fork on the floor and before the sound of the metal hitting the tile floor had stopped ringing Carlos had a new fork laid on the counter I front of her as he whipped by with not a word spoken.
Amazing service that resulted in a nice tip from me and I'm sure this is the case with many other customers.
The food at Evergreen was good as far as breakfasts go but any restaurant has access to eggs, bread and bacon. But not every restaurant has the culture to make staff like Carlos shine. It's the people that people are lining up for, not the food.
Carlos you are a true master at your craft!