Friday, November 21, 2014

A little bowling in your work day.

At the Lykkiplex we made sure to add in a big TV and a video game console for fun get togethers.  The idea of course is to create an environment of fun and comradre. 
What I have found with our video games or other companies with pool tables, ping pong or anything like that is the staff rarely use them. 

It's interesting that people get so caught up in their day a to day work that they forget to take small breaks. And when there is an outlet like ping pong or video games, we feel guilty to play them. Even when the company encourages it. 

Play in the workplace is important for building strong teams, communication and cross department empathy. Starting something like a Wii bowling league with partners from different departments can be one of the healthiest things a company could do. How about having your meeting while playing Mario Cart?

I'm just suggesting ...... Could be the most attended meeting of the week.