Friday, September 12, 2014

Measuring happiness at work.

Measuring happiness at work.

Our mission at Lykki is to "Inspire happier workplaces". And one of the ways we do that is by researching how other companies engage their employees and then share these ideas with our customers and the world. Many times we take the ideas we find and try them for ourselves. 

One such idea comes from a company that found a simple way to measure happiness in their workplace. What they did was place three buckets near the time clock where their employees would scan out each day. 
One bucket had the same number of tennis balls in the bucket as there were employees.  The second bucket was empty and had a sign that said "Had a good day"
The third bucket was empty and had a sign that said "Didn't have a good day"

How the company measured happiness was each day as the employees scanned out at the time clock they were to take a tennis ball from the bucket and drop it into either the good day or not so good day bucket depending on how they felt. There were three data points the company measured. First was user engagement - how many balls were

left at the end of the day. Second was how many ball in the good day bucket and finally how many balls in the not such a good day bucket. 

These three data sets were tracked and almost immediately they saw that Wednesdays were a low point with staff. So the company mixed up the Friday happy hour and moved it to Wednesday.  Problem solved. 

We are starting the Happy Ball project at Lykki - so we'll see how it works. 
I'm always on the lookout for interesting ideas like this so please share if you have one.