Thursday, July 3, 2014

You have a what in your office?

When we thought about the design and decoration for our offices we knew that a beach and tropical theme would be super fun. Everyone loves the beach and vacations - right? 

So when we saw that during the office layout we were going to have a drain pipe/support pole in the middle of the office, I wondered what we could do with it.
I googled "decorate office drain pipe" and amazingly there are lots of websites that show how to turn them into palm trees. 

Fantastic, just what we need for our tropical theme and since we have 12 foot high ceilings the tree should have lots of room. So we ordered the Palm Fronds and coconut bark online and began building our first indoor drainpipe palm tree. Here are some pictures of our process. It only took a few hours and it looks amazing. The cool part we didn't anticipate was when it rains there is this soothing water sound from inside the pipe as the water drains from the roof down the pipe. Almost like we had a fountain inside. 

Call me anytime if you want to know where we bought the supplies and how we built it.