Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where's the potatoes and veggies?

I'm not usually a fan of White Spot food, but I was online looking for some comfort food takeout. I wanted to order and pick up so I could take a few meals over to my Mom who still lives on her own.

The website seemed pretty good, and I could choose a time to pick up. When I arrived at the restaurant, they even had a special entrance for pick up, and my order was in a large brown bag ready to go. Very efficient.

So when I got to my Mom's house, she was happy to have a few meals ready to go for the next few days. The disappointment was when we opened one of the meals and all there was inside was a chicken breast. Hmm, where's the potatoes and veggies?

Since we gave my Mom an iPad this Christmas, I wanted to show her how to use the Internet if she wanted to complain. Mom is famous for writing letters when she receives bad service and still does. So I pulled up the White Spot customer feedback page and we sent in a complaint.

To my amazement, I received a call from the restaurant manager within 24 hours! 

He apologized, took responsibility and took my address to send out an apology card and a gift certificate. I say - to my amazement, because in this connected world online, I rarely see companies doing a great job of monitoring their customer feedback pages and social media. 

Kudos to White Spot.