Friday, October 4, 2013

The expiry list

Time for the Lykki Q3 All Hands meeting. Time for some beers, food and fun. Time to check our results from the past quarter and reset goals for the final push of the year. 
Our theme was based around setting goals in your personal life and the exercise we did was to write down our Bucket List goals. These are the things you dream of accomplishing before you die. During my keynote talk to all our partners I switched up the term Bucket List for Expiry List. I wanted to challenge then to think we not only need to set personal goals but recognize we only have a limited amount of time to accomplish them. For example, if a bucket list goal is to cycle across France, it would only seem logical that you could not achieve it if you are too old to ride a bike. 
Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives and the proverbial rat race that time flies by and we miss opportunities. Creating an expiry list is a great way to take a stock of your life's goals and add a time limit to them.