Friday, August 23, 2013

Waffles and Trucks

What a whirl wind morning! It started with a partner appreciation breakfast in the parking lot. Our executive team of Nabil (Mr No Stick), Shawn (Baconator) and I ( uhhhh I can't name myself) served up Waffles, Bacon, Coffee, Juice Fruit and Red Licorice(???).
It wasn't our first rodeo cooking in the parking lot but with two waffle makers and our DJ music system we kept blowing the fuse circuits, but we prevailed. Best waffle tip is when you add the bacon AS you add the batter to the waffle iron. Bacon gets trapped inside! Yumm.
Same time as the breakfast we decided to park all our trucks in a row and snap a couple of photos - then our came our costumes. It was kind of crazy for a while but we took a couple of cool shots. It was a fantastic way to end a week and get ready for the busy back to school season.