Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snappy Wheels


Wow, a special day today. First an Easter parade, then the delivery of our new style trucks. Check out the neat side door to keep our drivers safe from traffic and off load orders lickety split. These new trucks have super efficient engines that sip fuel compared to our old trucks we will be retiring. I looked at electric and unfortunately the cost and driving distance limitations just don't work for us yet. But I'm hopeful we can add some electric trucks in a few years.

 The environment is always on our mind and carbon emissions from trucks can be the main contributor to green house gasses. At Lykki we really focus on our trucks driving the least ammount of distance each day and having the highest average order size possible. Our $75 minimum order for free delivery really shows we put the environment before profits because small orders can really be harmful to the environment. Larger orders = less deliveries = less emissions.