Thursday, October 4, 2012

Setting new heights

Every year, I go on a retreat with my EO Forum mates. Last year, we were in Memphis for the FedEx tour. This year we traveled to... rainy downtown Vancouver. We decided to stay local, since one member of our forum was expecting a child birth any day.

Our agenda was focused on Heath and Goal Planning. Both important in my books.

First, for health, we all took a full body scan that determines bone density, muscle and fat percentages. My personal results were not quite what I expected. I thought I was in pretty good shape. Over the summer I really kicked my health up a gear with a better diet & yoga, and I was able to drop 25 pounds, so I feel pretty trim. Not so on the scan, said the clinical tech, as my 6 foot frame should not be at 195lb with over 30% body fat but instead I should be at 22% BF and about 175. Fine, a new goal to set!!

So that brings me to the second part of our retreat agenda. Goal Setting.

Every year we set our goals for business, personal and family. Then throughout the year we report monthly to the group on our progress. In preparation, I sit with Sandy and we track our family goals quarterly. It is imperative in my books to have goals and people aligned, or it will be impossible to achieve them. Goal setting can be as simple or complex as you make it, and there are lots of books on the subject, but in my eyes I set goals I'm passionate about and will do whatever it takes to achieve, or else is it just a "nice to have" and not a goal?

Our retreat was mostly held in a boardroom at the Terminal City Club, but we did find time to get out for some exercise and team building at Rock Space.

Do you set goals each year for yourself and if so do you share them with others and allow them to hold you accountable?